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Funk Huntington  Jacob John

Into Cut Chemist, Bahamas, Boards of Canada, Gotye…

“I like to drink, sleep, eat, party, chill, and live.”

dutchzaphod  Jan Bottenheft

Into Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, Tame Impala, Jimmy Page & Robert Plant, David Bowie & Arcade Fire  (2005)…

“Now on http://www.letsloop.com/dutchzaphod and http://www.godsjukebox.com/selections/username/dutchzaphod My other TIMJ account is @dutchbeeblebrox”

caroline.gault  Caroline Gault

Into Sublime With Rome, Lauryn Hill, The Blues Brothers, The Beatles…

“Alberta editor @FASHIONCanada, freelance style & travel writer, community manager @PoppyBarley Made to Measure Footwear.”