What people said about Drek’s jam Phantom Limb

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6 years, 21 days ago


Sounds great, almost makes you forget Layne Staley :)

6 years, 20 days ago


@redheadx Totally! Although Kinney isn't the songwriter Staley was, this way I might actually get to see them play! :D

6 years, 18 days ago


@Drek Hard to go wrong with Alice in Chains, excellent choice. Thanks for the like as well.

6 years, 16 days ago


I haven't listened to the album yet and I need to do that. Dammit, I decided to pass on the AiC/Monster Truck show coming through here soon due to other shows popping up and then my car dying and I'm starting to really regret that. Love that sludgy riff and beat.

6 years, 15 days ago


@shiningsun2k It's a shame you passed on AiC/MT, but hopefully a good call! Only so much money and time to get by on. Also, with your taste, we can practically make a game of figuring out what you'll like best! :P + :D (BTW I liked every AiC album, but wouldn't put this at the top. Best: Stone, Hollow and this one.)