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nadia  DJ 5'4" (บ้องวัดฟังก์) mixcloud.com/dj_fivefour

Into Benis Cletin, Orchester Werner Müller, Assa'd Khoury with his Oriental Electronic Organ & Band, Pool-Pah…

“Here are some of my new and old favourites! (Also, please: www.musicalpartywebsite.com)”

zentopia7  Christopher McBride

Into The Knife, Chris & Cosey, John Foxx, Deutsche Amerikanische Freundschaft…

“Nerd-ish ekZENtriq musical connoisseur, appreciates fine Synth-Pop, Techno, 90s Prog House/Trance, Gabber, New Wave, Post-Punk, Industrial, EBM, Gothic, Ambient, New Age (the non-cheezy type), Baroque…”