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7 years, 26 days ago


exciting! FYI. this provider (wingedbox.com) gets blocked by my virus program. so i can't actually play it. first time it's happened when playing a jam :-/

7 years, 26 days ago


pretty cool.. friday night....

7 years, 26 days ago


It could do with going on a bit longer.

7 years, 25 days ago


I will take that as Jam of the day. The knife are my listen to band at the moment.

7 years, 24 days ago


Well this is a pleasant new pop direction isn't it

7 years, 24 days ago


Well I made it through, but I'm not sure I'd want to listen again.

7 years, 23 days ago


Something like an electronic Sonic Youth: pleasantly unnerving.