What people said about abigail.deeks’s jam This Charming Man

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3 years, 23 hours ago


The above documentary says what I wanted to say but couldn't quite put into words!

3 years, 22 hours ago


Personally life changing song, confirmed by their appearance on TOTP. Wonderful choice. xx

3 years, 20 hours ago


@Bukowski I'd been going through a tricky transition from metalhead to indie kid during 83/84. This track and this band sealed the deal for me. So pretty life changing for me too.

3 years, 20 hours ago


@simonp After 'This Charming Man' on TOTPs I felt, for the first time, that it was ok to be 'different'.

3 years, 20 hours ago


Best opening line of any song ever. Possibly.

3 years, 18 hours ago


love love love

3 years, 13 hours ago


Always love.

3 years, 13 hours ago


Morrissey & Marr ..the ultimate chemistry :-)

3 years, 12 hours ago


One of the best singles ever.

3 years, 12 hours ago


Absolutely brilliant Abs - I so nearly jammed this myself. I'm glad you have - I love the vid!

3 years, 10 hours ago



3 years, 7 hours ago


Total love for this of course @simonp @Bukowski well, for me, a confirmation that all was in fact well after all and connected me with people who were also feeling a bit 'different'. Defining moment.

3 years, 7 hours ago


Great choice! :)

2 years, 11 months ago


@PartyTearsFew @simonp @Bukowski It was similar for me. I think the TOTP appearance was my introduction to them and the year that followed led me to people that liked being different. That was the thing for me I didn't want to be like everybody else. I loved reading and words and 'clever people' and was a vegetarian; there was a huge 'Morrissey understands me' thing going on! x x