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djempirical  dj empirical

Into The Tuss, Public Image Ltd., Hogscraper, De La Soul…

“i play records. and i take pictures. http://djempirical.com http://soundcloud.com/djempirical http://wearenotdelicious.blogspot.com”


Into John Coltrane, Television, The Stooges, Kraftwerk…

“Come find me again: http://www.godsjukebox.com/thefamilyghost/ http://www.nusiki.com/#/users/thefamilyghost (the same name on letsloop but I probably won't be using it) (probably will try cymbal…”

memoriesofgreen  Martyn Clark

Into Buggles, Earth, Wind & Fire, Chaka Khan, Frou Frou…

“Dozing contentedly (and now eternally...) on an old armchair in the eye of the mighty storm born when 80's pop, electronica, funk and heartbreak chords embrace...”