3 people loved andrew.kehoe’s jam Song for Zula

roydesmet  Roy de Smet

Into Elvis Costello, Fleetwood Mac, George Harrison, The Beach Boys…

“A present-day minded songwriter, Roy de Smet does not feel comfortable in safety. Hence, he prefers finding himself in a blizzard of intertextual references and exotic recipes, over riding on a midnig…”

abner07  Phil Hawker

Into Elbow, Lou Reed, David Bowie, Pulp…

“Love the 'Big' sound long songs with slow buildups. Elbow, Doves, Leonard Cohen and of course Radiohead.”

MyBlueElephant  Sylvie T.

Into Beck, The Temptations, Nick Drake, Sinéad O'Connor…

“I often wake up with a song in my head... and sometimes I go to gigs : http://www.youtube.com/user/elephantbaci/featured You can find me here too : http://www.nusiki.com/#/users/19840 http://www.le…”