What people said about corcorankelly’s jam Woman, When I've Raised Hell

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7 years, 1 day ago


Love the vocal on this. His voice, and the lyrics are incredibly emotive. Going to DL as much of his stuff as I can find. :)

7 years, 1 day ago


@bumfudgebingo Cool! Thanks for the comment! He has a great voice and is not afraid to be different. You should check out the band he used to be in before he became a solo artist -Lift to Experience- they are quite unusual and interesting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vX2Xzl6bylc

7 years, 9 hours ago


am drawn to the album but every song on Last Of The Country Gentlemen is 5 minutes too long at least, could have been great.

7 years, 8 hours ago


@isajward9 Fact. Same problem with his previous band also...loves a long whinge...it can work at times - but more times than not...it doesn't

6 years, 11 months ago


@corcorankelly he was great at the Green Man festival this year - not least for the filthy jokes he told between songs. he's an unexpectedly jolly soul, given how miserable his songs are.