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Welcome to the Jam API

This Is My Jam is a community of music lovers, sharing their taste one song at a time. Our API opens up these musical connections to developers.

Write access (and auth) through the API will be going away in September as part of the Jam archives project. We’ll be updating these docs soon.

Getting started

Register for an API key or dive straight into the API documentation. You can get answers to common questions in our FAQ.

API usage guidelines

  • We hope to support most reasonable non-commercial uses, but we’re a small team with limited resources. Use common sense when hitting our API. If in doubt, just ask!
  • Read and abide by our API terms and suggestions in our FAQ. If you stream music from 3rd parties (SoundCloud, YouTube, etc), comply with their respective terms too.
  • Don't use our API in commercial products without talking to us first. We're flexible, so just drop us a line to discuss.

Get in touch

Have more questions? Suggestions? Post in the Google group, find us on IRC (thisismyjam on freenode), or send an email to

Want to see what we’re hacking on ourselves? Visit This Is My Jam on Github.