3 people loved ethanhein’s jam Givin' Up Food For Funk

tpjdavies  Toby Davies

Into Sly & The Family Stone, The Zombies, Television, Jimmy Cliff…

“Dj for 30 years but have a proper job too which interferes with my listening time.Love discovering new stuff from various genres.”

shitsterbauer  Shit Shitsterbauer

Into Ann Cole, Otis Redding, Little Willie John, Elmore James & His Broomdusters…

“This was the best place. I'm going to miss it terribly. Heard thousands of great songs and met some real characters. I was also @sweetbabyshades and @bothkinds and I collaborated with @dacia on @JiveT…”

music_xplosion  musicexplosion

Into The Wildtones, Gatanga Boys Band, The Hygrades, The Soul Lifters…

“In The Beginning There Was Rhythm . . . 60's garage @garage_xplosion, reggae @reggae_xplosion”