3 people loved forgotmystrange’s jam Hateful

tpjdavies  Toby Davies

Into The Zombies, Sly & The Family Stone, Talking Heads, Television…

“Dj for 30 years but have a proper job too which interferes with my listening time.Love discovering new stuff from various genres.”

BarneyRubble  Barney Rubble

Into Leonard Cohen (with U2), Camera Obscura, Nick Cave, The Jesus and Mary Chain…

“http://tinyurl.com/m2blkfb Life, the universe and some music gigs. You take up my time, like some cheap magazine When I could have been learning something Oh well, you know what I mean”

lukestevo26  Luke

Into St. Vincent, David Bowie, The Beatles, Chuck Berry…

“324 jams to tickle anyone's musical ivories. A boss man once said 'nobody wins unless everybody wins'. Remember that, dear reader, for that was the SPIRIT OF JAM (CAN YOU FEEL THE SPIRIT NOW???) Also,…”