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4 years, 9 months ago


Yeah, with no doubt one of the very best Bowie's albums and may be my favorite one... (and Bowie is my favorite artist). Wonderful choice ! I could listen to Station to Station night and day...

4 years, 9 months ago


Iconic images of him in the video....

4 years, 9 months ago


I love the ziggy stardust of his just epic guitar on that

4 years, 9 months ago


Great choice, Kerry!

4 years, 9 months ago


I wonder what your ultimate Bowie-jam will be...after that I'll tell you what's mine :).

4 years, 9 months ago


@JeromeRiguidel @debutch @USMC_SemperFi @cbinseoul @redheadx Thanks for your annotations. It was too hard to pick a Bowie #1 or a Top 10, so I picked my 10 most favourite and have posted them in chronological order. Without doubt in my mind Bowie is one fantastic artist overall and specifically a complete musician. Final Bowie post coming up .