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andrewmcdonough  Andrew McDonough

Into Disclosure, Nirvana, Dave Brubeck, Quasimoto…

“Currently: lots of Fact Magazine and Resident Advisor mixes, post dubstep, future garage, 2-step, trap, techno, electronica etc. A big hip-hop fan: mostly old-school and Stones Throw, Def Jux, Big Dad…”

mario  Mario Menti

Into Cloud Nothings, Les Rita Mitsouko, Kraftwerk, Best Coast…

“twitterfeed founder & a bit of bitly. swiss-brit. middle-aged idiot & accidental entrepreneur into cycling, drumming & music generally.”

bfirsh  Ben Firshman ☀

Into The Antlers, Baths, Robert Burns / It's A Wonderful Life, Snooks Eaglin…