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joshhornik  Joshua Hornik

Into Bob Dylan, The Doors, Modest Mouse, George Harrison…

“Burlingame, CA, USA. Fan of indie pop/rock, 60s/70s soul, and the occasional classic rock. @joshhornik on twitter. http://www.RecliningPig.com/”

cyberdees  Desigan Chinniah

Into Groove Armada, Otis Redding, The Fugees, Adele…

“Firestarter @ Mozilla (ex-Ask/Skype/eBay/PayPal) tl;dr Startups.Angel — Tech.Innovation.Mentoring — Events.Unconferences — Husband.Dad — Travel.Music.Sport —”

FasterthanShaun  Shaun Manning

Into Weezer, Generation X, Simple Minds, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds…

“My name is Shaun. I write for Comic Book Resources and market political science and literary studies titles for the University of Michigan Press.”