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5 years, 2 days ago


Walked across 110th Street in Manhattan listening to this once, love it, great jam!

5 years, 2 days ago


God bless, good luck, and we're rooting for you. Also, great, great jam.

5 years, 2 days ago


Nick, I will be frank. I did not realize the severity of your cancer. Keep moving forward, no matter how shitty the news may or will be. Glad this track gave you some life (or light in a dark place).

5 years, 2 days ago


Nick.,we will all celebrate the day you post your number one.

5 years, 2 days ago


I am with @tpjdavies... keep your head up and hope in your heart. I know insurances suck, I see patients struggle with this daily..fight it, fight them any way you can.

5 years, 2 days ago


Sending love & best wishes across the county x x

5 years, 2 days ago


Marvellous jam. Keep strong! x x

5 years, 2 days ago


It makes we really angry that you are affected by NHS cutbacks for drugs you clearly need. I hope you find a way that you will still able to get them . I love your jam. Stay positive xx

5 years, 2 days ago


Good luck sir. Hopefully someone will get voted in this May that will look after the NHS and the people who need it properly!

5 years, 2 days ago


seconding @thesunneversets . Loved the jam. :)

5 years, 2 days ago


Seconding @natyblooming and thirding @thesunneversets.

5 years, 2 days ago


So you're not covered as an "existing patient" as they are currently covered under insurance? Jeez. Echoing the above. Great song

5 years, 2 days ago


Love Bobby's voice, and as I've said before, your spirit

5 years, 2 days ago


Great tune, hope that things start looking up

5 years, 2 days ago


Ugh, that sucks, man. Hugs and well wishes from me! :)

5 years, 1 day ago


sorry to hear & echo all the above. Great jam from the great Bobby Womack

5 years, 18 hours ago


Love & wishes to you

5 years, 9 hours ago


One of my all time favourite tracks. My heart goes out to you, keep the faith!

5 years, 2 hours ago


So sorry to hear that the proposed NHS funding cuts for cancer drugs will likely affect you. That's sh*t. Impressed that you are able to rise above it with this up-beat track

4 years, 11 months ago


I'm sorry to hear your bad news but glad to hear that music (especially this good) is lifting your spirits :)

4 years, 11 months ago


@njparry I don't know what I could add to what everyone else here has said...I agree with all of them. Stay positive if you can...sorry about the cut to treatment...and if anyone is entitled to a pity party it is you and it's ok to have one. Your musical taste is always impeccable so let the music flow through you and know we all are rooting for you and wish you the best ox