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Into Don McLean, Neil Young, The Do, Phosphorescent…


Into Lou Reed, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin…

natyblooming  Natalia Valencia

Into Aretha Franklin, The Clash, The Beatles, Ray Charles…

“Listened to great music, was introduced to many artists and songs and a great fun community, made lots of friends, met my husband (@Brownpants) through it and started www.musicvideosdeconstructed.com.…”


Last jam: The End by The Beatles

“Welcome to Beatlemaniacs. We are two long- time TIMJers and friends, but most importantly Beatlemaniacs! We're here to share our love for The Fabs, both together and solo. We'll also play some great c…”


Into Dusty Springfield, Talking Heads, Kaiser Chiefs, Enya…

“Living life like it's an Amy Heckerling movie.”

Bukowski  Paul Stuart Ashby

Into The Velvet Underground, The Ronettes, The Smiths, Bob Dylan…

“The egg cracked, let out, spill over, sliding into, shaking vision, battered corks, moody shouts despair in all directions, leafing through undergrowth of bounty barred from letters and rhythms, purch…”