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4 years, 24 days ago


Back in the nascent days of the web, when musicians & netlabels were trying out their wwwings, I was approached by Bartosz Dziadosz about a possible collaboration. In the end, plans changed & it never came to be. To this day, whenever I happen upon Pleq’s work, I wonder about what might've been =) A fair number of these tracks are from Dronarivm releases, others from Pocket Fields, Wist, or Infraction, several are untitled & unreleased. So yeah, this is a treat. Headphones are recommended.

4 years, 23 days ago


@roamin—sublime, as always… namaste, or—if that doesn’t sound right—may the force be with you :) (basically, the same thing).

4 years, 23 days ago


Wonderful jam

4 years, 23 days ago


... the opening is like a french version of Libarian Girl - sweet, all these murmurs

4 years, 23 days ago


Your jams are always the most peaceful part of my day.

4 years, 22 days ago


Almost at the stage where I hit 'Love' for @roamin's jams before they start playing. Another blissful hour ahead...

4 years, 21 days ago


I fully agree with you @ ravann

4 years, 21 days ago


Fantastic music, by the way :D

4 years, 20 days ago


what a great jam! @ravannn said exactly what i was thinking

4 years, 20 days ago


Your jams are as soothing as a rub down with a cashmere mitt!

4 years, 17 days ago


Fascinating & stimulating Jam, as we now expect from you roamin. I may have misconstrued, but you sounded a tad regretful about that path not taken. If you need any consolation, your work here is wonderful. Thank you. :)