Supernaut by 1000 Homo DJs


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There's never a bad moment for a "Land of Rape and Honey"-style cover of Black Sabbath, is there?

Gucky 13 Oct 2014

I dedicate this song to what I was doing in the early 90s.

crookedblack 6 Apr 2013

One of the best Sabbath covers ever....

bigp75 15 Jul 2012

Supernaut by 1000 Homo DJs is my new jam. Best heard blaring out of the sunroof of a van in 1993.   1

kthorjensen 3 Nov 2014

Stupid computer's been stuck on mute for days. Now have sound back and return with something very, very loud. #BlackSabbath cover, obviously.   3

UncannyUK 9 Mar 2014