I'm Not In Love by 10cc

“It's just a silly phase I'm going through”

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It's just a silly phase I'm going through   1

adie 5 Aug 2014

Slightly torqued up re-mix of 10cc's mopey mid-seventies classic. TRIVIA QUIZ: 10cc is one of two bands whose name refers to the measure of male ejaculate. Anyone know the other?   5

TragicBeauty 21 Feb 2015

From the Album with the perfect name: The Original Soundtrack. Released. March 1975.

Stickan 30 May 2015

Don't make a fuss.   7

flaneur 3 Oct 2013

One of my favorite songs from 10cc. Pay special attention to that incredible backing vocal mix. Awesome!   4

curtywyshart 15 Mar 2015

I bet you haven't heard this one in a long time....I know I haven't

clintrosencran 30 May 2015