Coup by 23 Skidoo


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While it isn’t used heavily today, some say the phrase “23 skidoo” came from this phenomenon. Popular in the early part of the 20th century, getting the “23 skidoo” refers to either leaving an area quickly or being forced to leave. Apparently, the effect of the wind at this intersection was well known and crowds of men would gather in hopes of seeing some skin. As Andrew S. Dolkart in his online article Birth of the Skyscraper: Romantic Symbols describes, so many men loitered in this area that police would eventually come to 23rd Street to usher the crowd away.   1

alex_tea 25 Jun 2015

Everything and the Aswad horns   2

russelldavies 12 Dec 2011

Damn, 32 years ago. Get down! (1983.)   1

Marco 11 May 2015

I keep coming back to this, it's corking !   1

Acton_Baby 12 May 2013

This one's for Greece. #ThisIsACoup   1

spielraum 13 Jul 2015