Thunderstruck by 2Cellos

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I was going to post something about only listening to music with cellos, violins, and violas today ... but I can't get over how into it these guys are when they play.

ginnylurcock 4 Aug 2015


ExxBenedict 18 Nov 2014

this is the most intense shit i have heard so far

misterPlata 23 Feb 2014


Lateshowmusic 2 Nov 2014

mmmm TAkes a minute or two ,,,to warm up,,,,,but an altogether different kinda jam,,,,,,,,, for yo pleasure......... AC/DC......... thunderstruck on the knee axe....   90

kingofmen 21 Mar 2014

This, for any music lover is cherry pie whether you like classics or Metal, do yourself a favor and listen to the whole thing!   6

gnoinc 30 Mar 2014