Let's Go Crazy (Live 2014) by 3RDEYEGIRL

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but zray was first  

This is the best I've heard Prince sound in years.

fetterdave 1 Oct 2014

Make sure to watch the video, Prince on the guitar is awesome!

stevielion69 11 Nov 2014

This chap could go far with the right material.... #CrazyFriday   12

adrian4acn 7 Mar 2014

Prince channels Hendrix, Sly Stone & Edgar Winter (!) & makes himself relevant again...

Domino911 16 Apr 2014


notoccupanther 1 Oct 2014

Lucky enough to see him this year great live shows and the two albums released this week his best in over a decade. Great to have him back in the mainstream.

markwakeley 4 Oct 2014