Chiquitita by ABBA

“Forever beautiful”

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Forever beautiful

joepmc 28 Apr 2013

ABBA is the world's best and potentially most underrated mood enhancer #fact

kathy_saunders 12 May 2015

First record I got. Still makes me happy :-)   1

lindakrigarn 30 Oct 2013

wow.....great group   2

Gayle_media 28 Apr 2014

New Year *and* new moon - a time for wishes as well as resolutions. Sing a new song, Chiquitita!   3

BabsSheKing 30 Dec 2013

As usual, amazing harmonies by Agnetha and Anna-Frida. What I like most about this song though is how it celebrates the power of friendship and how a good friend can lift you up when you're down.

eramos 18 Feb 2015