Dancing Queen by ABBA

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but Henry was first  

By popular demand. I'm not really making fun; spent a month in Finland in 1976, so it's somewhat nostalgic.

McCaffertysAK 2 May 2014

"You are the dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventeen." // hb me i guess

clarebirch 24 Nov 2013

This was played on a Friday night at The Pink Toothbrush at the end of the evening as the lights went up from my first days in 1987 until I last went 5 years ago. I suspect it will be played tonight too. I also have a huge soft spot for ABBA and have this on single. So as the lights go up this will be my #lastjam   19

abigail.deeks 28 Aug 2015

For @sallingers.

manon 28 Dec 2013

...reminds me of bein little...

karenrosey 16 Nov 2012

In honor of ABBA's 40th anniversary, one of my faves.

alpHa5280 10 Apr 2014