The Day Before You Came by ABBA

“Masterpiece in every aspect by the Gods of pop”

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Masterpiece in every aspect by the Gods of pop

joepmc 23 Mar 2014

"I don't think there's a single episode of Dallas that I didn't see"   2

brideofthebook 27 Apr 2014

Heard this track on an internet radio station, and thought it was some new wave one-hit-wonder or a deep cut by someone like Martha and the Muffins. NOPE, I was so delighted to discover that it was my dear old friends ABBA.

gimmeabeet 23 Feb 2015

The Internet has failed me -- but this is rather fun, too. Go listen to your own copy (I know you have one) forwards. You'll thank me.   2

gra 15 Aug 2013

Been saving this one. #PenultimateJam   3

ryangibbs 21 Sep 2015

Lekker melancholisch. En Abba schijnt weer mooi gevonden te mogen worden ook, volgens opiniemakers in DWDD. :)   4

Miqlos 13 Sep 2013