Kings of the Wild Frontier by Adam and The Ants

“まっつりだ\(^o^)まっつりっだ(^o^)/ ワッショイ*\(^o^)/* ワッショイ*\(^o^)/*”

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まっつりだ\(^o^)まっつりっだ(^o^)/ ワッショイ*\(^o^)/* ワッショイ*\(^o^)/*

misahexagram 14 Mar 2013

Eat it, SME, you missed one.   1

Notintheface1 8 May 2015

Jams from the music team at The CDCard Company   1

acardandagift 15 Oct 2012

Spotted earlier at Wetherby Services! Quite short in real life is Mr Ant.   2

TomGeddes 14 Sep 2014

One of the first bands I bought all singles and albums of were Adam and the Ants. Loved the sound of the twin drummers (still do). Such a unique sound.   1

silentbazz 18 Jan 2015


baldygit 5 Dec 2012