Zero Dark Thirty by Aesop Rock

“Album next week: YES.”

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Album next week: YES.   2

jcoglan 11 Jul 2012

Failed all basic training But I spent a couple groundhog days with a changeling Silhouette the god’s last cigarette Anything less would be ri-god-damn-diculous

uuuhyeah 12 Jun 2013

Aesop Rock is from NYC. He's said to make some kind of underground / alternative hip hop. The fact is that his (punk) rock and electronic influences are quite noticeable, to me. I would love to see him work with some open minded metal artist like Mike Patton. Enjoy...   3

JeromeRiguidel 6 Dec 2014

Found this guy at the top of a great data analysis on rap vocabulary

kudos 7 May 2014

My actual jams are never available on @ThisIsMyJam, so this is a track from the same album. “Racing Stripes” is even better.

paddyduke 28 Jun 2013

Love the drums on this.

mikesten 23 Apr 2012