Playground Love by Air

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miles.hayler 19 May 2015

Love this video!   5

anyBuulet 28 Nov 2013

Picked this up over the weekend. RSD exclusive on Tangerine vinyl.

Sparklemotion 20 Apr 2015

A song that's very evocative of the mid-June humidity that I'm currently experiencing, but put through an almost-kaleidoscopic lens. It's also an interesting clash of the eras: the vocals suggest 90s shoegaze w/o any effects or distortion surrounding them, but the instrumentation is late 60s/early 70s all the way. The mellotron works wonders here in all its simplicity.   1

Enish 19 Jun 2015

This Is My Jam is shutting down in 3 weeks, and after 1 year, and 8 months, these songs-a-week will come to an end. Lets make the best of it while we can.

PurpleMFTW 11 Aug 2015

A TragicBeauty triple play: Virgin Suicides is one of the most heartbreaking, breathtaking and awe-inspiring books and movies - as is the Air soundtrack. The innocence of youth, the mystery of women... coming of age in the seventies, in the suburbs.   5

TragicBeauty 26 Oct 2014