You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette

“I blame one of's top 10's.”

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I blame one of's top 10's.   1

Tylky 21 Aug 2014

Taylor Swift should take some notes, because this is how you write a song about an ex... I loved Alanis when she was super pissed off.   5

metallicagirl 15 May 2014

#revengejams number 1...sometimes musicians break up with somebody and we the public get to reap the benefits of that rage, well cuz just talking to your friends about it over drinks or ice cream is too common..their pain needs to be immortalized!! HA!   13

SheRa 9 Dec 2014

Given #jaggedlittlepill20, my jam this week has to be this stone cold classic, played at full volume 💪🏽

see_emilyplay 15 Jun 2015

This is the song that makes me think of my ex. And his girlfriend. That he got just after leaving me.

DelilahStarr 15 Feb 2012

"Jagged Little Pill" turns 20. Celebrate this great alternative rock album.

kgosztola 9 Jun 2015