About Farewell by Alela Diane

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wrrn 17 Dec 2014

5000 ♥s! I'm overwhelmed and ♥ you all back (especially @shme for the first and the 5000th ♥). Here's the title track of Alela Diane's new album, which is not to say I'm leaving TIMJ...   9

thisismymistake 11 Jul 2013

New to me. Lovely.

robertianlea 7 May 2014

When you need to chill

paulburtwistle 29 Nov 2013

The title track of my favourite album of 2013. I was just at PDX airport and she was checking in next to us. Had a mild fanboy moment.

fstorr 5 Jun 2014

the brightest lights, cast the biggest shadows   2

solveigo 2 May 2014