Here by Alessia

“Ever just not wanted to be at the party? #introverts

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Ever just not wanted to be at the party? #introverts   2

DaOverSoul 1 May 2015

Great use of Portishead.

TheToiletDuck 30 Apr 2015

Please enjoy your party, I'll be here. Somewhere in the corner, under clouds of marijuana with this boy who's hard and I can hardly hear over this music I don't listen to and I don't wanna get with you, so, please tell my friends that I'll be over here.

wertler 7 May 2015

Good voice. Good song.

Danis 23 May 2015

Ever been to a party you hated?

eigenmotion 26 May 2015

I'll be over here.

greenmelinda 8 May 2015