Stuck on the puzzle by Alex Turner

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but bfirsh was first  

But something in your magnetism Hadn't just made him drop... It's one of the songs that I would glad if somebody dedicate it to me.

maryduff 22 Nov 2014

Thanks Alex, here's to many more!   1

velvetmorning 6 Jan 2014

Great song, Lennon like rival to Piledriver Waltz

Conagh_Murphy 14 Jul 2012

This EP never get's old. Still my favourite release from Alex Turner, if only it was a full album!   5

hindle4 11 Feb 2013

From the album Submarine   8

DavidAnderson 28 May 2015

I'm not the kind of fool Who's gonna sit and sing to you About stars, girl. #AlexTurner

vieda 5 Jul 2015