Waiting by Alice Boman

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Haven't had a dream in a long time.

ColdWarCudi 3 Apr 2014

'Waiting' by @aliceboman is always #myjam   1

lauraamyliderth 19 Jun 2014

From Sweden's newest, brightest hope. Recorded in her bedroom and never meant to be heard by anyone.   4

thisismymistake 9 May 2013

So beautiful, so delicate, so intimate, so heartbreaking, so good.   8

substandard 5 Jan 2015

Just love it!

bossmoss 2 Apr 2014

Alice Boman - Waiting (Official video) http://youtu.be/_KQdMgLW-K0 | MP3 play or download: http://fridaymixtape.net/mixtape/songs/192/Waiting.mp3   3

BlotterMonkey 26 Mar 2014