Stillbirth by Alice Glass

“It's strange that I got into Crystal Castle / The Knife way before Bjork... Welcome back Alice <3”

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It's strange that I got into Crystal Castle / The Knife way before Bjork... Welcome back Alice <3

currentnameandy 14 Aug 2015

Promising first solo track from ex Crystal Castles vocalist.

jaxxon 11 Aug 2015

Alice Glass + HEALTH's Jupiter Keys!

FelixH 17 Jul 2015

When Alice Glass announced her departure from Crystal Castles (CC), it seemed the highly acclaimed, much loved Canadian Electronic duo were no more. But Ethan Kath has since continued CC as his own solo project, having already released two singles under his familiar guise. Such is the similarity of the tracks to CC's previous work, you quickly forget that Alice has left the act at all and question what she ever contributed to the group. That is until this week when Alice made a truly emphatic return with her new track, STILLBIRTH. The record is the sound of CC stripped back to its dark, melancholic core as Alice aggressively bares her soul to the listener. The track violently switches between short, sharp electronics and twinkling synthesisers throughout, with Alice replicating this contrast with her vocals, screaming "I want to start again!" before turning to a more angelic tone. Abruptly climaxing at just over two and a half minutes long, it's a brutal, yet brilliant, rebirth. Enjoy!   2

kblakesley 28 Jul 2015

Alice Glass is back (ex-singer of Crystal Castles) and released her debut, solo song, 'Stillbirth' -co-written & produced by Jupiter Keyes (of HEALTH). #witchhouse #noiserock

PlopPlop 17 Jul 2015

Alice Glass, the former vocalist of veteran noise-pop group Crystal Castles, has unleashed her debut solo track. It wields similar vibes to her prior outfit - it's loud, violent and abrasive - although Glass's vocal lines are clearer through the fuzz.   3

markwakeley 17 Jul 2015