Heaven Beside You by Alice in Chains


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song pretty much covers ..YEP !

BlueGnGirl 3 Nov 2012

Like the coldest winter chill. Heaven beside you, hell within...

fake13 12 Apr 2013

Do what you wanna do Go out and seek your truth When I'm down and blue Rather be me than you

mhauer 11 Oct 2013

Lovely morning jam ^_^

monsterpaperbag 25 Oct 2014

Hell within...

lagerdeluxo 9 Jul 2015

My office feels "like the coldest winter chill" this morning. Yesterday, I increased the thermostat by two degrees, and yet today the temperature is three degrees lower. Go figure. Or better yet, don't go figure, go get a sweater. It's chilly in here.

MrUmlaut 30 Aug 2013