Man in the Box by Alice in Chains


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Ending my week with a little AIC.   7

metallicagirl 12 Jun 2014

What a great rock voice he was

50n0f508 17 Sep 2014


Danis 10 Aug 2013

I'm in the 90's mood.   1

ShadowFox 12 Nov 2013

Looking forward to them at Download this year   1

Wildthing34 23 Jan 2013

My one and only musical accomplishment outside the confines of my car (and occasionally the shower, now that I have a house) is a 100% vocal score on Rock Band to this song. Big middle finger to the crack-smoking music teachers who told me I was a mezzosoprano during my two abortive attempts at chorus in school.

dayglorious 19 Nov 2014