Phantom Limb by Alice in Chains

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That riff...#bestof2013

milesricketts1 10 Dec 2013


craigmarvelley 17 Oct 2013

No matter which side I end up on, this ain't over...

eventhewaves 27 Jul 2015

Love the opening riff.

fryedrycestyle 11 Nov 2013

I'm really happy with the new AiC album, to be honest. Izzy thinks this track drags. I completely disagree.

S1ckH4nds 15 Nov 2013

It's taken a few months, but I think this could be the best song from Alice in Chains' The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here. Great, straightforward beat that doesn't get old, even when the 7-minute runtime borders on overkill. Hell of a band, these guys! :D   5

Drek 12 May 2014