Them Bones by Alice in Chains


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Part 1 of 10. I haven't listened to all of 2014 yet, so here's my Best of 1992 list:   1

samueldlockhart 9 Jan 2015

Still gives me goose bumps.

wannabedylan 19 Feb 2015

I'm not the biggest Alice in Chains fan, but there are a few songs I love. This is one of them. The guitar work and vocals are pretty killer.   5

metallicagirl 31 Mar 2014

Decreasingly rare Friday night workout... Planet Rock radio on in the gym thanks to my good friend, Bart. They played this, Cowboys From Hell, Black Dog by Led Zep, and Still Alive by Pearl Jam. Good night and some good heavy lifting.

52Fitness 30 Mar 2014