Tallulah by Allo Darlin'


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new to me group..kinda liking this! #ukejam   3

hyapiko 4 Mar 2014

Gorgeous song, beautiful band, brilliant DIY video.   7

markcmphillips 1 Feb 2013

always loved this song live - really excited to hear it'll be on the new album

TomHumberstone 13 Dec 2011

#Bestof2012 pt 22. "So I sent you a postcard from Berlin, of a fat man eating a sausage." Priceless...   3

thisismymistake 20 Dec 2012

Following a discussion on the last AD post..! Lovely video on this one, think I've posted before, but it came up on my YouTube recs, so thought I should share again. :-)   6

markcmphillips 5 Nov 2013

Great song. Reminds me of Christmas can't think why has nothing to do with it.

aldalg 26 Nov 2014