The Man by Aloe Blacc

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"I'll be the teacher, you could be the lesson/ I'll be the preacher, you be the confession" #AloeBlacc #TheMan

ailelie 13 Mar 2014

Go ahead and tell everybody...while I am sleeping, idk

SWFTWLF 10 Feb 2015

Morning mantra, after your prayers, say this to yourself.

MMDonohueVaughn 8 Aug 2015

this is my world and I'm unique I'M THE MAN!!!!/este es mi mundo y soy unico SOY EL HOMBRE.   3

DerekForniter 21 May 2014

anyone who knows me well knows I have a huge soft spot for cheesy triumphal r&b/hip-pop songs, ESPECIALLY when horns are involved; cf. Diddy-- Coming Home, TI and Rihanna-- Live Your Life, Jason Derulo-- whatever the hell his mmm whatchu say Imogen Heap sample was called, R. Kelly-- The Greatest, etc etc.   2

josh3 18 Mar 2014

This guy has a great voice, and I love the Elton John homage. This is Logan's favorite jam of the summer so far.

scott_mcginnis 7 Jul 2014