Big in japan Official Video by Alphaville

“deeply disturbing for some reason.”

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deeply disturbing for some reason.

alicetroughton 3 Oct 2012

Last night I watched Jean-Luc Godard's Alphaville, which is basically the Frenchest thing ever. The band Alphaville are not nearly as French though.   7

thesunneversets 2 Mar 2015

mezcla incomprensible de cosas que hacen una canción extrañamente buena en un contexto que no creo sea tan simple como versa su letra de un romance en japon

abeliou 8 Aug 2014

Always liked this song. Euro pop with a melancholic feel. 80's memories of seedy bars in the port of Antwerp.

NeilBuchanan 31 May 2013

An appropriate tune if I dare say so myself. Current earworm that's getting me singing along whenever it pops into my head.

Merkaba 22 Jul 2015

You did what you did to me. Now it's history I see. Here's my comeback on the road again...

fake13 20 Jul 2015