Big in japan Official Video by Alphaville

“deeply disturbing for some reason.”

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deeply disturbing for some reason.

alicetroughton 3 Oct 2012

One of the best songs i've ever heard

zahra_y 27 Jul 2013

Big in Japan / 1984 #512

mondosalvo 13 Feb 2015

Last night I watched Jean-Luc Godard's Alphaville, which is basically the Frenchest thing ever. The band Alphaville are not nearly as French though.   7

thesunneversets 2 Mar 2015

Always liked this song. Euro pop with a melancholic feel. 80's memories of seedy bars in the port of Antwerp.

NeilBuchanan 31 May 2013

Had to rejam this one - bring back memories :D

Lililololaure 3 Mar 2015