Dissolve Me by Alt-J

“so good you can almost forgive the mumford taint”

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so good you can almost forgive the mumford taint

bearsona 11 Dec 2013

this is the song that plays when you're too tired to feel anymore

starprince 21 Feb 2015

a couple nights ago one of my best friends was playing alt-J for me and ever since then i've had this song on repeat.   1

latefortea 16 Apr 2015

Can't get enough of this song   1

CreepyUnknown 3 Jun 2013

This song pretty much sums up exactly how I feel, right now.

FirsRdJnr 14 Jan 2015

I haven't listened to the new album much yet, but here's a favourite off the last one.

vincemcfarlane 30 Sep 2014