Left Hand Free by alt-J

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Sails along. Not had much of a summer but this reminds me of summers rolled in- don't know why.

kennethstephen 7 Aug 2015

Pick a petal eenie meenie miney moe / And, flower, you're the chosen one. English indie rock band @alt_J "Left Hand Free" 2014. Enjoy!

kzone8 6 Nov 2014

Waiting for the new Alt-J on BBC Radio 1 soon. Happy left handers day! ;)   26

MyBlueElephant 13 Aug 2014

I love new alt-J. 🙌   1

glenscott 7 Jul 2014

Kind of a catchy summer tune.

PaplooThePirate 24 Jun 2015

It was a toss-up between Every Other Freckle and this (no pun intended). Nice one, @mahuggins.   5

AlicejustMay 18 Aug 2014