Nara by alt-J

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Listened to pretty much nothing but This Is All Yours over the past week. alt-J's latest is a corker, slower going than the first but just as hauntingly beautiful. Nara is my favourite so far.

jamieedwardlee 22 Sep 2014

"In my youth the greatest tide washed up my prize"

willlourens 8 Dec 2014

In honour of #Alabama #marriageequality, here's a song about both.

AveryCockburn 10 Feb 2015

Saut dans le vide, my lover.

renny 25 Dec 2014

Definitely in my top ten tracks of 2014. Wonderfully constructed - great tune but with the unique percussives and vocal delivery of Joe Newman. I loved their first album but this track for the sophomore release possibly trumps anything on there.

Baggiesfaninuk 8 Nov 2014

well hello there...

thismonograph 24 Feb 2015