Taro by alt-J

“I can't stop listening to alt-J lately.”

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I can't stop listening to alt-J lately.

ianenos03 17 Oct 2013

Love this. Annoyingly couldn't find a studio version but this live version isn't bad

SamTrapp 27 Oct 2012

Sorry for the Alt-J overflowing, but this album is just superior to everything else. Ever.   1

derf 22 Aug 2012

As we wind down these last 10 days the melancholy feeling increases... The next jams are my favorite artists. Artists that I could play 24/7 never tire of and any mood Thank you for sharing the journey and music with me...#DesertedIslandJams   #FinalJams #LongLivetheJams #GoingDownJamming   13

christineb 17 Sep 2015

Soundtrack for a change of seasons

bobscheu 13 Sep 2015

I have to stop myself from jamming this album every few days, but I cannot help it, this song makes me want to dance and jump and kiss and spin #ThisismyJam #AltJ

Pixaling 15 May 2015