“was it a matter of worse or of better?”

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was it a matter of worse or of better?

spacekids 27 Jun 2013

#FunkyFriday No-budget fan video rather gushingly endorsed by @amandapalmer herself. Happy Friday, jammers! Free love! Free music!   12

thisismymistake 2 Aug 2013

I don't think anything makes me feel as terrified and alone as this song.   1

unfortunatalie 16 Oct 2013

To date, the only song that has (I think) ever made me cry. Although I am really tired and avoiding chemisty, and it never has before, so I might just be feeling really weird. It's great either way. :)

droppingstitch 26 Feb 2015

Been listening to this album a lot again. Such a beautifully emotional song. :')

ekalb 30 Sep 2013

I've been told I need to give this album another go. Upon watching this video I think I may have been hasty.   3

Reviewist 12 Dec 2013