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A fun song. “Believer” by American Authors is my new jam.

BryanEWallace 9 May 2013

I recently saw American Authors when they opened for OneRepublic and I really enjoyed them! This song is just fun to listen to :)

kcbelden98 19 Jun 2014

Song of 2013!

wlonghini 31 Dec 2012

I'm a little bit sheltered, I'm a little bit scared, I'm a little bit nervous I'm going nowhere.

howoregonderful 6 May 2013

I’m just a believer that things will get better. Some can take it or leave it, but I don’t wanna let it go.

ah7722 14 Jul 2014

things in my life are not that great at this moment, but i'm still believing in improvement!

dekylgrmf 13 Jul 2015