John Hughes by Anamanaguchi

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but fullbleeed was first  

new anamanaguchi has the vitality i was expecting from the new daft punk!

lia 3 Jun 2013

Guitars. 8-bit computers. You know what I like.

pb14 18 Jun 2013


rivalscho0ls 18 Nov 2014

OK, this version works

pb14 18 Jun 2013

Endless Fantasy is a masterpiece and I can't stop listening. There are four or five songs from this album that are my jam, but John Hughes is head-and-shoulders the standout track.

handsomeransom 27 May 2013

Let's try this again! #Anamanaguchi - [#JohnHughes]. Audio cut off toward the end of the previous one. #chiptune   1

deejay 25 Jul 2013