The Lost Song, Part 1 by Anathema

“And you came to me in some way & my life will never be the same...”

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And you came to me in some way & my life will never be the same...

fanneth 4 May 2015

I've been alternating between this and the new Mastodon album for the past few weeks. Great opening track

AGBear 12 Jul 2014

Hell of a career these guys have had...   1

btener 10 Aug 2014

If You Buy One Thing This Week, make it distant satellites by Anathema:   3

ThrashHits 11 Jun 2014

Ever since Anathema came back in 2010 with We're Here Because We're Here, they've been on an absolutely incredible run. Distant Satellites is their third album of new material since they started recording again four years ago (there have also been two live albums and one featuring rerecordings of old songs). All of them have been extremely intense emotional experiences for me, and Distant Satellites continues that trend. The addition of Lee Douglas to share lead vocal duties with Vincent Cavanagh has been a big help, and her star turn on this track is outstanding. A lot of the songs that have meant the most to me on recent Anathema albums have had deeply emotional lyrics and this one is no different. The last two lines of this one ("the feeling is more than I've ever known; I can't believe it was just an illusion") absolutely crush me.

DrewNecci 27 Jul 2014

Looking forward to hearing part 1 and 2.

DealingKnees 20 May 2014