Fake Palindromes by Andrew Bird

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countryboy 13 Apr 2015

Why sing romantic songs around Valentines when you can sing about murder instead? I'm undecided as to whether or not "songs about murderous love" will be a theme, but for now here's this. :)

droppingstitch 7 Feb 2015

the dewy-eyed disney bride said, some lonely night, we should get together, and i'm gonna bind your wrists with leather and drill a tiny hole in to your head

thebenno 9 Jan 2015

"She's got an old death kit she's been meaning to use / she's got blood in her eyes for you!"

billygray 28 Dec 2011

I very much admire Mr. Bird's musicianship.   4

kfarrnd 16 Feb 2015

Havin a stop-motion day. Every had one of those cuz, yeah, weird. Fake Palindromes by Andrew Bird #MusicMonday

far_eviler 18 Mar 2013